Custom Information

**The design fee DOES NOT include the print. A print will still need to be added to the cart**

If there is any design you are wanting that we do not have on the
website, you will need to purchase a design fee. You will need to do this prior to messaging about a design. No design will be done without purchasing a design fee.

First step is to add the design fee to cart, then select your apparel from add ons. You will then need to add what size print you are needing. You should have a total of 3 items in your cart. If you are just wanting a custom print, you will need to add the size and quantity of prints to your cart for purchase and the design fee. Each design will have a design fee if it’s a custom design.  After these items have been purchased, you will need to email GM’s designer at:

From this point you and the designer will finalize your custom design with up to 3 changes. Finally, you will receive rights to this PNG file for future purchase if needed. If you have a future need, you can simply upload the PNG to the website to purchase without paying another design fee.


*the apparel blanks are priced the way they are due to needing a print added with them*
: if I want a custom t-shirt. I will add the design fee to the cart $8, then select an adult DTF transfer $5. Last I will select the t-shirt size I need, I will use adult L for this example $15. My cart total will be $28.